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A South Dakota tribal university and NASA want to send 3D printed homes to space

3D printed space homes
South Dakota News Watch

A tribal college in Mission may soon enter into a partnership with NASA that would result in new science education programs, more affordable housing for state reservations and the development of 3D housing that could someday be used on the moon or Mars.

South Dakota News Watch reports that NASA wants to work with Sinte Gleska University to train students to use 3D printing to build homes. They will then test them for suitability for use on the moon and Mars.

The proposed project is seen by supporters as a way to improve the lives and prospective futures of thousands of Native Americans in South Dakota and make lasting, positive change in their communities where affordable housing is a critical need.

The program is also seen as a way to create a cutting-edge curriculum for students at Sinte Gleska and other South Dakota universities, and possibly spur creation of other industries related to 3D home construction.

NASA will invest about $250,000 in the project. On Monday, the South Dakota House Commerce and Energy Committee will consider a bill to provide $300,000 in state funds.