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Hear this economist's analysis on U.S. inflation

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The annual inflation rate in the US eased to 5.3% in August from a 13-year high of 5.4% reported in June and July, matching market expectations.

This interview is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment, hosted by Lori Walsh.

Inflation is having a moment. Seems everyone is talking about it and who is to blame for it.

A few months ago, economists and casual observers alike seemed to direct much of the blame at the pandemic—its supply-chain disruptions and so forth. But the blame game has changed.

Inflation hawks now have a macroeconomic policy—specifically, monetary policy and, increasingly, fiscal policy—squarely in their sights. As you might imagine, macroeconomics has quite a bit to say about the possible sources of the inflationary pressures we currently experience, and the likelihood that fiscal policy is as much to blame as monetary policy—a growing sentiment, it seems. As usual, it’s complicated…in a good way.

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