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Employers recruit talent in Sioux Falls, address state's workforce needs


Employers in the Sioux Falls area connected with hundreds of students in person and virtually at the 3rd annual Talent Draft Day.

The event’s goal is to attract future employees and address the region’s workforce needs.

The Talent Draft Day is organized by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. This year the University of Sioux Falls hosted the event.

Zoe Cigard is a senior at the University of Sioux Falls. She’s involved in a lot of different activities on campus and runs cross country and track and field. Cigard, a psychology major, has a job lined up after she graduates but is keeping her options open.

“When I saw this talent draft day I was like immediately like – Oh, I’m graduating soon, this could be the next step that I need. Just something to open my eyes a little bit more. Maybe give me another perspective that I haven’t thought of before.”

It’s college students like Cigard that employers in the Sioux Falls area want to attract and keep in the state, says Denise Guzzetta. Guzzetta is with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. She says employers must go out and meet talent rather than wait for talent to come to them.

“Right now we are in an employee market so we have to do things that are very innovative and creative to reach out and make those connections.”

The Talent Draft Day gives college students the opportunity to meet with employers and exposes them to different in-demand careers in the area.

Guzzetta says the day also engages middle and high school students so they start thinking about career options while they are young. Guzzetta says they want to show young students all the different career paths they can take whether that is going to college, technical school or entering the workforce through an apprenticeship.