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November Dakota Life

Men talk near a B17 Bomber

Over South Dakota in a B-25

In the summer of 2019, the South Dakota Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base commemorated the 77th Anniversary of the famed Doolittle Raid, a mission that included two South Dakota airmen. Fly along in a restored B-25 Bomber with SDPB’s Bob Bosse to learn the history of this rare and notable aircraft.

Little Matt the Wolfer

Northwestern South Dakota was one of the last settled places in the American West. Big cattle drives were over but as the 20th century began, ranch-branded cattle, horses and sheep still roamed the open prairies of Meade, Ziebach, Corson, and other South Dakota counties west of the Missouri River. Livestock was big business and grey wolves were among the biggest threats to the prosperity of that business. Matt Clasen, “The King of the Wolfers” has been credited with more wolf kills than any other hunter.

Hall Century Farm

Visit the Hall Farm near Wagner, which in fall 2019 received its Century Farm designation, the recognition that the farm has been continuously owned by a single family for 100 years or more. Marge Hall, Jan Kokesh and Sarah Carda share their memories of the farm’s settler, Willy Hall, who lived to be 92.

The History of Chislic

Learn the origins of the cubed, deep-fried meat treat. Traditionally skewered mutton or lamb cooked briefly over very high heat, chislic was christened the “state’s official nosh” by the South Dakota State Legislature. Freeman’s burgeoning South Dakota Chislic Festival is quickly becoming one of the state’s most popular gatherings.

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