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South Dakota Hall of Fame announces Class of 2024 inductees

South Dakota Hall of Fame
South Dakota Hall of Fame
South Dakota Hall of Fame

The South Dakota Hall of Fame has announced its 2024 inductees. The organization selected 10 people from across the state in six categories.

Hugh Ingalls, from Faith

Arts and Entertainment
Bryan Akipa from Agency Village
Dean Sorenson from Sioux Falls

Greg Sands from Sioux Falls

Gay Kingman from Rapid City
Dr. Peggy Gordon Miller from Volga

Jeff Hazard from Sioux Falls
Janice Manolis from Huron

Jim Entenman from Sioux Falls
Judith Knittel Meierhenry from Sioux Falls

The Hall of Fame celebrates this year’s inductees at the Honors Ceremony on Sept. 13 and 14 in Chamberlain. The ceremony is open to the public. Read more about the inductees here.

Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."