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Great Plains Zoo asks public to vote on red wolf pups names

Picture of GPZ red wolf pup #3 from last year (on the left) and recently (on the right).
Great Plains Zoo
One of the red wolf pups whose name is to be decided on by the public.

The Great Plains Zoo invites the public to help name six red wolf pups.

These critically endangered pups were born May 2023 at the zoo, the largest litter born.

Zookeepers have been paying attention to their behavior to select names for them. Each of the potential names for the wolf pups originate from indigenous languages spoken in the region where the wolves historically roamed.

Voting is open Feb. 1-29. It costs $6 to submit your vote, with the proceeds from voting going directly to the care and habitat of the pups.

Ryan is the local host of "Morning Edition". Originally from Iowa, he first came to the Black Hills to study at SD Mines. After graduating in 2019, he was an educator in Arizona and North Dakota before returning to the Black Hills.
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