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Sioux Falls artist wins SculptureWalk 2023 People's Choice Award

Artist Cameron Stalheim poses next to his piece "Linger" in Downtown Sioux Falls.
The Washington Pavilion
Artist Cameron Stalheim poses next to his piece "Linger" in Downtown Sioux Falls.

Local artist Cameron Stalheim won Sioux Falls SculptureWalk’s 2023 People’s Choice Award for his piece “Linger.”

 A simple bronze swirl with a shimmering finish, Stalheim said “Linger” represents the intensity between opportunities.

"The piece is really about, you know, that in between space of, you know, past successes and looking to the future and that waiting. That, just anxious excitement, and that’s kind of where I am in life, and I think a lot of people are, and that’s what this piece is about.”

Jim Mathis, a SculptureWalk Board Member, announced Stalheim’s as the winner.

“We are so grateful for the abundance of artists, visitors and voters each year,” he said. “It’s thanks to their participation and support that we are able to fulfill our mission of bringing art to the people. We can’t wait to see Cameron’s piece on permanent display in our community.”

 As this year’s winner, Stalheim said he is grateful to help make Sioux Falls more beautiful.

 “I hope people can appreciate the artistic value within it, if they can be inspired and take away a little bit of hope with them as they pass by," he said. "There’s so many beautiful sculptures on sculpture walk right now, and we are just so blessed to have all of this work out of the gallery and into the streets for people to observe.”

“Linger” will be on display in front of City Center for a year, and then moved to a permanent location.

Veda is an English and journalism major at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. She loves writing and storytelling, and she plans to pursue a career as a journalist after graduation.