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Wild Idea Buffalo Ranch Preview | Wish You Were Here

The April episode of With You Were Here takes us to Wild Idea Buffalo Ranch for stories from the ranch’s founder, celebrated writer Dan O’Brien. Eliza is also joined by fellow rancher and songwriter Chuck Suchy to sing songs that celebrate the beauty of the open prairie and its rich ecology, something Wild Idea has put at the forefront of their stewardship mission. This very special offering couldn’t be fit into a half hour, so look for more from Wild Idea next month!

Not that long ago, the prairies and plains of the Dakotas were the realms of the Buffalo. Literally, millions of individual American Bison roamed the Great Plains. There are now few places left in the United States where one can experience what it was to look out over the rolling prairie and see Buffalo as far as the horizon line.

One such place is Wild Idea Buffalo Ranch in eastern Pennington County adjacent to the Cheyenne River. Founded by Jill O’Brien and author Dan O’Brian, Wild Idea’s mission is to regenerate the prairie grasslands, while improving our home planet and our food supply, by bringing back the bison.

For this special two-part episode, we wanted to bring some other lauded artists to join Jill and Dan at Wild Idea to celebrate the Buffalo and wild prairie they thrive upon. We’ll hear music and stories from rancher and folk singer Chuck Suchy as well as listen in on a conversation with Chuck and Dan about the sense of place that the prairie has shaped in them and their art.

Lakota Hoop Dancer, storyteller and dear friend Kevin Locke was also going to be part of these episodes, but he passed away unexpectedly just prior to taping. Our performances are dedicated to his gentle spirit and memory and to the hope we can carry forward his work to connect people to the spirit of the land and to one another.

Don't miss Wish You Were Here with Eliza Blue premiering at 8:30 p.m. (7:30MT) April 6th on SDPB TV-1 or digitally April 5th at 8 p.m. on SDPB's Facebook and YouTube. Watch past episodes HERE.