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Oglala Lakota College Art Show showcasing artistic styles traditional and contemporary

OLC Show
C.J. Keene
From contemporary minimalism, to photography, to traditional dolls, the Oglala Lakota College Art Show drew from a deep pool of artistic disciplines and mediums.

The newest gallery in Rapid City’s Dahl Arts Center comes from the hands of Lakota art students and educators. The 2022 Oglala Lakota College Art Show highlights both traditional and contemporary styles.

A deep pool of mediums is drawn from at this year’s show, from paint on canvas to quillwork on fabric.

Two OLC art instructors, Keith BraveHeart and Marty Two Bulls Jr., serve as guest curators for the show. BraveHeart said don’t discount the work of young artists.

“For me as the instructor when I see my students realize about themselves that they hold the key to opportunity, that’s very satisfying," BraveHeart said "I like to see these artworks that represent cultural identity, contemporary thoughts and voices, but also just beauty, aesthetic.”

BraveHeart said you could even leave with an original piece from and up-and-coming artist.

“There are pieces for sale, I think it’s a nice opportunity for students to make a sale, that does give them a good boost of confidence when they look at a career in the arts." BraveHeart said "Certain pieces are very accommodating like a nice wall hanging, there’s some nice paintings.”

BraveHeart said this exhibition asks big questions.

“I see that there’s a lot of artists that are here at OLC, and I know that is an enrichment when more people get to see what our community is filled with – all these great thinkers and doers – when it comes to arts and culture," BraveHeart said "It’s trying to keep in mind ‘what can art be?’ amongst our community of OLC, and you’re going to see that it’s very diverse when you look at that show.”

The OLC Art Show is featured at the Dahl Arts Center in Downtown Rapid City until February.

C.J. Keene is a Rapid City-based journalist covering education, healthcare, arts and culture.