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South Dakota to issue new license plate design in 2023

South Dakota 2023 license plate
State of South Dakota
South Dakota's license plate redesign set to be issued in 2023.

The State of South Dakota is issuing a new non-commercial license plate design in 2023.

Though you might have to look closely to notice the differences.

Like the existing plates, the redesign will feature Mount Rushmore in front of a bright blue sky. But the image on the new plate appears to be of near photographic-quality, compared to the more stylized previous version.

You can renew your license plates 90 days before its expiration date, but only those with a renewal date after Jan. 1 will get the new plate design.

Renewal can be completed online through the MySDCars portal, at any DMV Now Kiosk, in person at the applicant’s county treasurer’s office, or by mail through the county. Individuals who use the online system or a kiosk will have their license plates mailed directly to them.

The state last redesigned license plates in 2016.

SD 2016 license plate
State of South Dakota
South Dakota license plate design since 2016. It will be replaced in 2023.