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Washington Pavilion announces $1.2 million donation

Slater Dixon
Darrin Smith, CEO and president of Washington Pavilion Management Inc., announces a $1.2 million gift.

A $1.2 million donation to the Washington Pavilion will be used for projects at the Kirby Science Discovery Center. The gift is a legacy donation from Patricia Knutson, who died in May 2020.

Darrin Smith is president and CEO of Washington Pavilion Management Inc. He said the gift amount is comparable to an entire year's worth of fundraising.

“It is the largest single gift that we’ve received from an individual, so it’s pretty significant for us.”

The terms of the gift require it to be used for the Kirby Science Discovery Center, a museum that features hands-on exhibits for kids.

Smith said the Washington Pavilion is seeing unprecedented levels of funding.

“This past year we saw the highest level ever of community support for the Washington Pavilion in terms of individual gifts, donations and corporate sponsorships,” he said. “Things are very good at the Washington Pavilion and we plan to continue to grow and thrive.”

Slater Dixon is a junior at Augustana University studying Government and Data Science. He was born in Sioux Falls and is based out of SDPB's Sioux Falls studio.