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Police department urges safe and legal fireworks practices on Fourth of July weekend

The Sioux Falls Police Department reminds the public that most fireworks are not legal inside the city limits of Sioux Falls, and some other South Dakota cities.

Leading up to the Fourth of July, many people look for officially sanctioned fireworks shows to attend. But others purchase their own fireworks.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says most fireworks are illegal in the city limits of Sioux Falls, unless they’re part of an officially authorized show.

“Anything that makes noise or moves — so the wording is an ‘audible report, projectile or launching component.' If it has any of those, then it’s not permitted and there is a chance you could get a citation for that," Clemens said.

Those that are allowed are smaller and more kid friendly.

“Things like snakes, smoke bombs and sparklers are OK to have.”

Some people in rural areas outside of city limits are allowed to have their own fireworks shows. Clemens wants everyone to be safe.

“Make sure you have something to douse them. We always say a bucket of water is a good thing to have," said Clemens. "You need to have something to clean up after yourself and making sure you have something in case there is an accident.”

Accidents with fireworks can happen at any time. Fireworks should not be held after being lit.

“Holding fireworks is a bad idea. Set them on the grounds as you are supposed to. Light them and walk or run away.”

The Sioux Falls Police Department will be active in and around the city on the Fourth giving citations to people lighting off fireworks in the city limits, or in an unsafe manner.

Jordyn is a videographer with SDPB.