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Emerald ash borer confirmed again in Minnehaha County

Leah Bauer
USDA Forest Service

The invasive emerald ash borer continues to spread in South Dakota. The beetle was confirmed near Crooks in Minnehaha County this month after previous detections in Lincoln County and other areas around Minnehaha County. Officials said signs of the insects on trees were reported by a landowner.

The insect tunnels underneath ash tree bark and lays eggs. The tunnels disrupt the tree’s ability to take up water and nutrients. Landowners should watch out for signs of infestation that can include leaf thinning, bark splitting and increased woodpecker activity.

The insect hitchhikes through firewood. To prevent further spread, it’s illegal to transport firewood out of Minnehaha, Lincoln and Turner counties. Violators are also charged a fine if they bring firewood into South Dakota from one of the 35 other infested states.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources encourages people to burn firewood where they buy it.

Laura (she/her) is based at the Sioux Falls Studio. She is a journalism/anthropology student at Augustana University.
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