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Mellette House in Watertown mirrors the rise and fall of its famous occupants

Margaret "Maggie" Wylie Mellette and Arthur C. Mellette
Mellette House Museum
Margaret "Maggie" Wylie Mellette and Arthur C. Mellette

This interview posted above is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment, hosted by Lori Walsh.

If you happen to be in Watertown this summer you might want to visit the historic Mellette House on the city's near west side. The house is a restored architectural gem built by South Dakota's first governor in 1885.

The rise and fall of Arthur C. Mellette's political career mirrors the fate of his grand mansion. Both were symbols of great success and both fell to ruin.

Restoration efforts that began in the 1930s brought the grandeur back to Mellette's house and also preserved the legacy of a man with a singular place in South Dakota history.

SDPB's Images of the Past Producer Brian Gevik spoke with Prudy Calvin, President of the Mellette Association and brings us this look at the life of Governor Mellette and the fate of his family home.

You can see some photos of Arthur Mellette and his Watertown home on our Website at