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RAID '22 Brings South Dakota WWII history from east to west

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A B-25, similar to the plane which will fly across South Dakota

This interview posted above is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment, hosted by Lori Walsh.


The event, slated from May 9-12, is postponed due to a crucial mechanical issue with the aircraft’s engine and an emphasis on safety. Future RAID planning will be posted on the airshow website

We're counting down the days until the RAID '22 Airshow at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Hosted by the Black Hills Military Advisory Coalition, the tour is called "RAID'22," as an homage to the two South Dakotans who took part in the famous "Doolittle Raid" of 1942.

The pilots, Donald Smith and Henry Potter, participated in the United States' first strike back against Japan following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. It was designed as a one-way mission, because none of the bombers were loaded with enough fuel to return home.

Starting May 9, a B-25 bomber will make its way across South Dakota. The first stop will be in Sioux Falls on May 10. John Mollison joins Lori Walsh on In the Moment to talk about Ellsworth Airshow and how Raid' 22 is partnering with local schools to share important pieces of South Dakota' military history.

You can learn more about the airshow, the B-25 Mitchell bomber, and find a schedule on the Ellsworth Air Show website.

Carl Norquist is a producer and writer for In the Moment. An EMMY-winning producer, Carl previously worked for KTIV News 4 in Sioux City, IA. Carl is a Minnesota native and graduate of Augustana University with majors in Art and English.
Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.