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Dale Lamphere: Art for Everyone

Dale Lamphere is an artist whose creativity is known far and wide. His work represents the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Integrity, and Vision in the capitol rotunda, Dignity standing on a hilltop at Chamberlain, and an Arc of Dreams spanning the Big Sioux in Sioux Falls.

In 2021 Dale was busy with two installations. One features work from other artists and adorns the atrium at Monument Health. The other represents school spirit on the campus of Black Hills State University in Spearfish. Local filmmaker Randal Iverson followed Dale Lamphere through the process to create these unique pieces. In Lamphere Studios Community Tapestry and The Hive Randal takes us behind the scenes to see the creative process in action.

“Both of these works presented formidable challenges to Dale and his team,” said Iverson. “For example, Community Tapestry had to be installed in a narrow area located over a tall staircase, quite a feat considering the height of the finished piece. And in the case of The Hive, the entire piece is constructed of very heavy, very solid stainless steel, not only do these guys have to form it into a flowing structure, they also have to lift it with a crane, and haul it down the interstate without damaging it.”

Through careful planning, determination, and plain old hard work, Dale and his team succeeded in creating these pieces that everyone can enjoy. Considering the pandemic and challenges faced, Iverson said “That Dale – led by a suggestion from his wife, Jane – decided to include community artists into his piece for Monument Health is very telling of the man he is. Not only is he a master craftsman and incredibly accomplished artist, but he’s also a humble South Dakotan who’s willing to share the spotlight with others.”

Lamphere Studios premieres on SDPB1-TV Thursday, February 17 at 8pm Central, 7 Mountain.