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Sioux Falls company joins effort to build tiny-house village for homeless veterans

Veterans Community Project
A rendering of the planned Veterans Community Project at 316 N. Western Ave. in Sioux Falls.

Stone Group Architects is working with a nonprofit to help end veteran homelessness. The company is donating to the Veterans Community Project to help build a tiny-house village in northwest Sioux Falls.

Todd Stone is the president, CEO and principal architect of Stone Group Architects. He said the proposed 15 homes are just the first step.

“It's a basic necessity. You need a sleeping area and a place to keep some of your clothes," he said. "It's for people who don't have a lot. It's transitional housing, basically, until you can help get them integrated back into society and get some of their dignity back.”

Each tiny house will have a furnished living space, bathroom and kitchen. There will be two models: a 320-square-foot home and a 240-square-foot one. The larger model will accommodate up to seven people, and the smaller model is for one to two people. A veterinarian will be available to care for pets. All services are free of charge.  

More than 60 homeless veterans have been identified in Sioux Falls, though some may be unaccounted for. Some veterans suffer from physical or mental illness and substance abuse.

Todd Stone is a veteran and said the project is personal for him.

“Why be on this Earth if you can't help your fellow man? You know, we can all do things to put money in our pocket, but how can we really make a difference in somebody else's life?” he said.

The Veterans Community Project is raising money for the tiny-house village. Stone Group Architects announced its donation but declined to disclose the amount. The Sioux Falls City Council donated land for the project.

This will be the Veterans Community Project's fourth tiny house village for veterans in the U.S.

Megan hosts All Things Considered and the SDPB News podcast.