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From air raids in Liverpool to the good life in Mitchell

Courtesy Photo
Reg and Olive on their wedding day in Liverpool.
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Reg with his daughter, Julie, aboard the ship to Canada (where they would take a train to South Dakota).

The attached audio is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment.

The holiday season is a time for telling stories. Why not record some of those stories to share with future generations?

SDPB's Josh Haiar is originally from Mitchell. His grandparents, however, came from much further away. Haiar sat down with Olive and Reg Martin to record a few of their stories about World War II, leaving family behind to journey to South Dakota from Liverpool, and creating a new life in Mitchell. Take a listen.

It doesn't take much to record a family story. If you'd like to share a memory with listeners, give us a call at 605-951-0740.

Tell us a story.

Why Mitchell?

While visiting the New York home of his friend, a WWII soldier from Redfield saw a photo of Reg's aunt, Golda, and received permission to write to her. After a few months of long-distance courtship, he got her father's permission to send her to America.

Golda's letters to Reg and his brothers about the growth happening in America inspired them to move.

Golda was 17 years old when her dad sent her to South Dakota to marry a man he had never met.

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