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Christine Stewart-Nuñez, South Dakota In Poems

Christine Stewart Nunez

In The Moment … December 11, 2020 Show 959 Hour 1

Poet Christine Stewart-Nuñez had been contemplating an anthology of South Dakota poems long before she became the state's poet laureate. She's written her own collections, including "Untrussed" and "Bluewords Greening." She is a professor of English at South Dakota State University. But now she has edited a collection called "South Dakota in Poems." It's a "capacious conversation," she says in the book's introduction. It's also a who's who of South Dakota poets, an introduction to noteworthy newcomers, and an invitation to us all to see ourselves and our stories in new ways. South Dakota's poet laureate Christine Stewart-Nuñez joins us now to talk about the anthology.

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