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Images Of The Past: Images Of The Present


In The Moment ... April 14, 2020 Show 795 Hour 2

Certain photographs capture important moments in time with such power and emotion that they become icons of their era. Consider pictures made in New York on 911, photos of school children sheltering under their desks during the Cold War, or U.S. Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima during World War II.
But the millions of ordinary photographs taken every day by ordinary people also document history as it's happening. And right now, we are all part of a news story that includes a global pandemic, moments of anxiety and moments of joy.
The South Dakota State archives is setting out on a project to collect some of the photos and other artifacts of the times we're in right now. Chelle Somsen is the South Dakota State Archivist and joins me now from Pierre to talk about "DOCUMENTING COVID-19 IN SOUTH DAKOTA."
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