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Cameron Stalheim Plans One-Day Exhibit

Cameron Stalheim

About two hundred mixed media visual pieces are being displayed in a Sioux Falls Gallery for a one day only Valentine’s show. Local sculpture Cameron Stalheim spent 10 months creating the exhibit titled ‘As Above, So Below’. It originally opened at the University of South Dakota. 

“Right now I’m currently mixing up some epoxy resin just to give a little more depth to some pieces I’m displaying.”

Cameron Stalheim is working on his collection of six by six inch pieces. He says this project incorporates artistic experiments he’s been working with in recent years. There are techniques he uses in sculpture work like creating molds and casting.

“Displaying those among other material explorations. I have flocking and I have some aluminum and I have resin casting and I have textured acrylics. They just make a real experience for the viewer.” 

Stalheim’s hidden images in some of the layers that are difficult to decipher. He gave away just one of the surprises. 

“One of the themes I did is sort of this magic and occult theme so I used a couple tarot cards. But you actually can’t tell what card it is. So the idea being what you believe is what you receive. So despite being a tarot card and having a specific meaning, without knowing the meaning and just believing it, you can sort of manifest what you want.” 

There are also three identical life size sculptures Stalheim created from a body cast of a friend. All are displayed at different heights. 

“And they sort of create a triangle so when you stand in the center of them, it almost becomes a place of worship where you are not the audience anymore. But now you are sort of on the stage in the presence of these sorts of ancient deities. So it kind of becomes a theatrical experience.” 

‘As Above, So Below’ is open on Valentine’s Day at Studio Blu Events in Sioux Falls.