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Images of the Past: SD's Biggest Ranch

In The Moment ... January 13, 2020 Show 732 Hour 2

By the end of the 19th century, most of western South Dakota had been carved up into reservations, government land, or small to medium-sized farms and ranches. 

Rangeland in states to the south and west had been divided up and fenced in, but the grasslands west of the Missouri river in South Dakota were still mostly open country. The big cattle companies in the Southwest U.S. were eager to get their hands on it and in 1900, and they were about to get what they wanted. South Dakota was going to become cattle country.

On today's Images of the Past, SDPB producer Brian Gevik joins us with the story of the biggest ranch ever in South Dakota, and one man's quest to save just a little piece of what's left of it.