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Eagle Butte Ends Summer With Graffiti Jam

Cheyenne River Youth Project

The first Invitational Lakota Graffiti Jam is taking place in Eagle Butte Friday. Native American Spray paint artists and musicians from across the state are invited to teach classes and perform.

This weekend’s Graffiti Jam collides with the Cheyanne River Sioux Tribe’s annual Fair, Rodeo and Powwow weekend. Julie Garreau is the executive director for the Cheyanne River Youth Project. She says this event is a way for local artists and kids to celebrate the end of the summer.

“It takes place on the Cheyanne You River’s Campus in the Waniyetu Wowapi Art Park. It’s a positive outlet, it’s a positive space. There will be kids here painting alongside the artists creating murals in the park. There’ll be music and food and there’s definitely entertainment. You get to be creative and just show the world what you can do. So absolutely, it’s very positive and very uplifting I think.”

Garreau says the event is an extension of the annual Red Can Graffiti Jam. The Youth Program is providing art supplies for participants.

Rapid City spray paint artist Landin Yazzie or Rehst is scheduled to join. He says spray painting is a healthy outlet for kids.

“It was for me. It was a good outlet that I could see though a kid that only inspires them to grow a bigger smile for themselves and give them a little independence. And if they created something that only they can build themselves, it gives them a good inspiration to look at things in a different manner.”

Rehst plans to write the acronym for the Youth Project in his own style of graffiti calligraphy. The Invitational Lakota Graffiti Jam takes place from 10a.m. until 6p.m and is free to the public.