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PS001: The Potluck Society: The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge

Photo by Kylee Leonetti.

Welcome to the Potluck Society! I'm your host, Hugh Weber. I'm so glad that you're able to join us!

In our first episode of The Potluck Society, we introduce you to James Jennings, a student at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD, who co-founded SPUNK, the Society for the Preservation of UnNecessary Knowledge. For good measure, I roll in the story of an article from the 1930s written by one of my heroes, Abraham Flexner. Flexner and Jennings make quite the pair!

Then, we visit with my good friend, Altman Studeny, an artist and city councilor from Plankinton, SD, who shares stories of locust clouds, grain palaces and jello molds.

As long-time listeners of the show know, we wrap up the whole thing each week with a special call to action -- our personal request for your contribution to The Potluck Society. This one involves Bill Murray and a bit of digital wandering. Don't forget to use #PS001 so we can track down your contribution!

We hope you enjoy!


The Potluck Society, created and hosted by SDPB contributor Hugh Weber, is a podcast that celebrates ordinary people who are building extraordinary communities and connects them with each other and people, places and ideas around the world. We hope we'll see you again soon & don't forget to bring an idea to pass! Visit ThePotluckSociety.com to sign up for updates.

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