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Personalities: Baxter Black

Cowboy poet Baxter Black

The nation knows his tongue-in-cheek performances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. People from the heartland listen to his imaginative-yet-relatable radio program on cowboy life. Meet the master of cowboy poetry, Baxter Black.

Chuck Anderson saw Baxter Black's show in Huron, S.D., and knew right away that he wanted to explore the inner workings of the cowboy poet's mind. He interviewed Black the day after the show. Black responded to every question with his unique wit and charm.

Baxter Black showcasing his quick wit.

Baxter's success story has a very humble beginning. He began working at age 13 in his hometown of Las Cruces, N.M., bringing in money from haircutting, belt-making, and working with sheep and cattle. His father passed away about a year later, leaving Baxter, his mother, and three younger brothers. Fortunately, Baxter, his mother, and their community were able to save enough money to put all the boys through college. 

Baxter became a cattle veterinarian and, through that, found cowboy poetry.

Baxter describes how being a cattle veterinarian brought him to cowboy poetry performance.

To hear more of Baxter Black's story, with all of its hilarious memories and sobering realities, listen here:

Baxter Black on "Personalities with Chuck Anderson"

To learn more about Baxter's work and the art of cowboy poetry, visit the following sites:



Tri-State Neighbor (hosts Baxter's column, On the Edge of Common Sense)

Baxter Black on YouTube

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