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50 Years Of Buffalo, Adrenalin, And Bullwhips

The Custer State Park Buffalo Round Up is 50 years old.   Each year the park corrals its buffalo and sells off some animals to keep the heard from growing too large.   The 50th annual event delighted the huge crowd of spectators as the wranglers on horseback and park personal in vehicles drove the bison across the rolling hills and finally into a large corral.

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray caught up with the wranglers, who come from around the country for the chance to heard wild buffalo on horseback.  They crack whips and hoop and holler and work to get the buffalo moving in the right direction.   You can hear an audio montage of the event by clicking play below.

The day begins with the wrangler briefing lead by Chad Kremer Bison heard Manager for Custer State Park.

Those featured in this montage include: Bob Lantis, Randy Olson, Amy Cammack, Gary Cammack, and Jeff Johnson. 

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