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Photography Project Showcases Natural Beauty

A photography display called 'The Truth in Beauty' is on display tonight in downtown Sioux Falls. 

Four women are coming together to make a statement: that everyone is beautiful. Chelsea Tracy is the owner of Chelsea’s Boutique in downtown Sioux Falls. The ‘Truth in Beauty' project featured in her store is a fundraiser for Dress for Success. 

Tracy says she wanted to be part of the project after photographer Holly Davidson realized that women shouldn’t have to wear layers of makeup and accessories to feel beautiful.

“And she said that she was photographing someone and they didn't have their hair done and they weren’t wearing any makeup and she was upset about it. And later she thought ‘who am I to be upset if someone doesn’t want to wear makeup or other physical adornments?’ So that’s how it started, she wanted to start photographing men and women with no makeup on, their hair not fixed, with no physical adornments- all of that sort of stuff,” says Tracy.

The photographer wanted to take photos of women showcasing their natural beauty. Davidson features 12 women and three men in the project, including Tracy.

Tracy says she’s hoping the project will empower other women.

“And being about to hear someone speak who maybe doesn’t have hair and stuff like that will be impact them in a way that will make them realize ‘I’m happy with what I do have going on and it’s ok’,” says Tracy.
All proceeds from the event goes towards Dress for Success, an organization that provides women with professional attire to enter the workforce.