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Dakota Midday: 'Neither Wolf nor Dog'


In his book, Neither Wolf nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder, Minnesota writer Kent Nerburn reluctantly agrees to a meeting with Dan, a Lakota elder who asks him to construct a book from a motley collection of notes and commentaries written over seven decades and kept in an old shoe box. Dan and his friend Grover take Nerburn on a ride through Lakota country in Dan's Buick.

Nerburn's book has been adapted into a new movie by writer and director Steven Lewis Simpson. He previously worked with Native actors and themes on the films Rez Bomb and Thunder-Being Nation. Simpson and the cast and crew are in Rapid City for a private pre-release screening during the Black Hills Film Festival.

Simpson discussed the film Dakota Midday along with actors Christopher Sweeney, who plays Kent Nerburn, and Richard Ray Whitman, who plays Grover.

For more information on Neither Wolf nor Dog, click here.

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