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Dakota Midday: Gordy Pratt Celebrates 25 Entertaining Years

Joe Tlustos SDPB

For the past 25 years, Gordy Pratt, the “Original, Fabulous One Guy,” has been entertaining audiences in the Black Hills and beyond.  His motto is: make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em laugh so hard they cry. "People ask me what I do," he writes in his blog. "I tell 'em I drive. So far, I've logged 783,4523 miles; 4,037 shows; 8,045 jokes that no one laughed at (and, luckily; 24,000 they did); a gazillion notes plucked; 2 bazillion hours of humbling practice; and more songs sung than you can shake a sticky note at."

Pratt is a singer and guitarist who, when not being his entertaining self, portrays Deadwood legends like Seth Bullock or original characters such as Orville T. Saddlesore, "a chewed up old cowboy." His Spirits of the West Seth Bullock Show runs at the Adams Museum in Deadwood again this June and July.

Pratt stopped by Dakota Midday's broadcast from the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish and shared a few songs and discussed the appeal of yodeling.

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