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Dakota Midday: Aberdeen Exhibit Features Inmate Art


A recent study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that within five years, about three-quarters of released prisoners were re-arrested. Inmates face a myriad of difficulties once they come out of prison, not the least of which is trying to find a job.

A collection of art created by South Dakota inmates is on exhibit at the Aberdeen Recreation and Culture Center. It's aimed at starting a conversation about how to reduce the rate of recidivism. A formal reception takes place on Thursday, from 6:30 to 9. The reception includes presentations and discussions about how the public might help lower the recidivism rate in South Dakota.

The exhibition, Revealing the Inner Inmate: Expressions of Art and Poetry from Inmates in South Dakota Prisons, is coordinated by Lawrence Diggs. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed the goals of the exhibit.