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Dakota Midday: Screenwriter and Director Nick Simon

20th Century Fox

The Pyramid is the story of a team of U.S. archeologists who discover a lost pyramid in the Egyptian desert. While just the top of the pyramid is above ground, beneath is a massive structure that may have been constructed to keep something within its walls.

Sioux Falls native Nick Simon co-wrote The Pyramid with Daniel Meersand. Simon’s other co-writing credits include Cold Comes the Night. He also directed Removal and is preparing to direct a second feature film in collaboration with Wes Craven, The Girl in the Photographs.

20th Century Fox releases The Pyramid to theaters across the U.S. next week. Cinema Falls hosts an advance screening on December 4th at the Century 14 Theaters in Sioux Falls. For tickets, click here. The password is HappyBirthdayHenry.

Nick Simon joined Dakota Midday and described how the The Pyramid evolved from a small, independent movie into a major studio release. He also discussed his journey from Sioux Falls to Hollywood.

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