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The Deadwood Legacy of W.E. Adams


Although the legend of Deadwood has endured, its days as a rough, mining town lasted for a relatively short time. Deadwood businessman and mayor W.E. Adams played an important role in preserving Deadwood’s early history and setting the stage for making the town a tourist attraction.

In 1930 he built the Adams Museum as a tribute to Deadwood’s pioneers and in remembrance of his deceased first wife and two daughters. The museum currently houses countless artifacts from the city’s rich and colorful past, including Potato Creek Johnny’s famous gold nugget.

Mary Kopco is director of Deadwood History, Inc. and over the past 20 years has played a significant role in preserving and promoting the rich history of Deadwood and its treasures. She first arrived in 1995 to run the Adams Museum, which is now a part of Deadwood History. She joined Dakota Midday and discussed the legacy of W.E. Adams.

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