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Baby Mountain

Dakota State University

Chicago-based artist, musician and teacher Tim Lowly and Tucson-based musician and teacher Karima Walker perform under the moniker "Baby Mountain."  Lowly's art exhibitions have been viewed from coast-to-coast, including the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.  He creates realistic paintings of people - sometimes questioning priorities of power and prestige.  His art inspires his music while his music inspires his art.  Lowly created a portrait of Walker while she was attending North Park University in Chicago where he has served as artist in residence.  It was another three years before he became aware of Walker's musical talents.  He has a great appreciation for the quiet spirituality that she brings to Baby Mountain.  Lowly was also intrigued by Nathan Edwards' work with experimental electronic music.  Edwards, a faculty member in Dakota State University's Audio Production program, joined Baby Mountain on stage for this concert.  It was recorded November 10, 2013 at DSU's TCB Auditorium in Madison.