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Band Pays Tribute to South Dakota's First Poet Laureate

The Badger Sett Band

Guitarist and singer Pegie Douglas says the poetry of Badger Clark fits naturally to music. She's the leader of the Badger Sett Band which wants to keep the poetry of Clark alive.

Born January 1, 1883 in Albia, Iowa, Badger Clark was brought by his family to the Dakota Territory at the age of just three months. His Methodist Minister father developed a homestead near Plankinton to recover from Civil War injuries. Clark attended Dakota Wesleyan University before his restlessness took him to Cuba and Arizona. After returning to South Dakota, Badger Clark built a cabin in Custer State Park known as the Badger Hole. Clark was named South Dakota's first poet laureate in 1937, and was asked to write poetry on many occasions of state and national events. His poems have become part of the folklore of the West.  

The Badger Sett band has performed around the state over the past several years and plays a summer concert at the Historic Adams House in Deadwood this evening. Pegie Douglas, leader of the Badger Sett Band, joined Dakota Midday to explain Badger Clark’s importance to the band and South Dakota.