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"Aging, Occupational Justice, And Human Rights"


Dr. Elizabeth Townsend, Canadian professor emerita at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and an adjunct professor in the faculty of education at the University of Prince Edward Island, is known internationally for institutional ethnography research on client-centered practice, enablement and occupational justice. The University of South Dakota Department of Occupational Therapy, part of the School of Health Sciences, hosts the fifth annual Occupational Therapy Research Symposium with the theme: "Aging, Occupational Justice, and Human Rights" on Thursday, May 8 at the Andrew E. Lee Memorial Medicine and Science Building. This day-long conference will focus on issues of occupational injustice and human rights so that aging is valued - not viewed as a social burden. A keynote address by Dr. Townsend is scheduled at 9 a.m. on May 8. A 10:15 a.m. workshop, led by Dr. Townsend, will address client-centered, occupation-based interventions and occupational justice. There will also be sessions dedicated to "Incorporating Exercise in Daily Life with Diabetes; Addressing Global Issues through Occupational Behavior Change and The SOS Approach to Feeding: A Case Report." Dr. Townsend joined the program to discuss her upcoming symposium.