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Teen Ban On E-Cigs Considered

Teenagers will no longer be able to buy e-cigarettes under legislation making its way through the state legislature.

An e-cigarette is a small refillable device that delivers nicotine but doesn't light and smoke the same way normal cigarettes do.  

Senator Dan Lederman is a prime sponsor of Senate Bill 181. He says more young people are using e-cigarettes and South Dakota has no law banning sales.

"I think we can all agree that e-cigarettes are an adult product, and we need to be sure that South Dakota law makes it very clear that these e-cigarettes should not be sold to children. The FDA has not yet ruled, but they also agree that kids should not be using these products," says Lederman. 

The committee agreed and went on to pass the bill with a vote of nine to one.  It goes next to the Senate floor.