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Guitar Masters 2014

Lawren Erickson was inspired to take up the guitar after hearing two upper classmen play surfer music at a talent show in junior high. In the years since, there followed a long string of cover bands that enjoyed some local notoriety. Upon returning to Sturgis in the mid 70's, Lawren decided to return to college to study music. Following the college venture Lawren decided to build a home and continued playing full time for several years. As time went on the music work became less lucrative and building work became more so. Eventually, a lack of time and the diminishing demand for live music resulted in semi-retirement. His current interest is working at becoming a passable song writer. Josh Marquis was born in Sioux Falls, but grew up in New Hampshire. When he was a child, the movie "La Bamba" inspired him to play guitar. At first he was mostly influenced by heavy metal, classic rock/blues and alternative, but by his senior year of high school, he had grown a huge interest and appreciation for nearly all styles, especially jazz. He currently plays guitar and sings for Granite Sun, and PAX. Bassist Mike Reardon is the organizer of the annual event which takes place this Friday and Saturday evenings at the Dahl Art Center in Rapid City. Mike, Lawren and Josh joined Dakota Midday to discuss the events and their life with music.