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Bison Museum On Best Places List

Courtesy Museum of the American Bison

A museum in Rapid City has received kudos from a national travel magazine for “packing a lot of punch” into its story about the American bison and the animal’s role in Native American cultures.

Midwest Living Review listed the Museum of the American Bison as one of the Best New places to Visit in 2014.

Susan Ricci is the museum’s director. Ricci says she’s pleased with the results of her first year spent offering the history of the magnificent mammal the Lakota call “the buffalo”. 

Credit Courtesy Museum of the American Bison
Museum of the American Bison director Susan Ricci

“We welcomed almost seventy-eight hundred visitors this season,” says Ricci, “since we opened our doors in May. And we hope to do more than that. And everybody that leaves here always has a comment… and a lot of that is I didn’t know this…this really happened. Or, I didn’t know that much about a buffalo and now they look at a buffalo differently than they did before they came into the museum.”

Susan Ricci says the goal of the museum is to educate the public about the near extinction of the buffalo as well as its remarkable comeback. 

The Museum of the American Bison includes vintage photographs, Native American artifacts, interactive videos and bison-inspired artwork.