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Dakota 38 + 2 Ride

Tomorrow, riders are leaving Lower Brule, South Dakota.  They’ll arrive in Mankato, Minnesota on December 26.  The 26th marks the date that 38 Dakota people were taken to Mankato, where they were hanged following the U.S. – Dakota war of 1862, the order signed by President Abraham Lincoln.  Since 2005, riders have made the long, cold trek to Mankato as part of the Dakota 38, a ride of remembrance for those that were hanged over 150 years ago. The goal of the ride is to promote reconciliation between Indians and Non-Indians; provide healing from the historical trauma; remember and honor the 38+2 who were hung; bring awareness of Dakota history; and promote youth rides and healing.  On Saturday, December 14, Dakota State University in Madison and Dr. David Borofsky, DSU President, welcomes the Dakota 38 + 2 riders and guests for a community gathering and program at 1:00 p.m. in the Trojan Center Underground.  To learn more about the ride, visit and see updates on the journey through photos.