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"Murdoch's World: The Last Of The Old Media Empires"


NPR’s award-winning media correspondent David Folkenflik’s “MURDOCH’S WORLD: The Last of the Old Media Empires” (October 22nd, 2013) is an unflinching, unprecedented exploration of News Corporation’s vast and imposing influence on global politics and a revelatory portrait of the man who remains the most significant media tycoon in the world—Rupert Murdoch.  In “MURDOCH’S WORLD,” Folkenflik masters the history of News Corp, the dynamics of the Murdoch family, and the world they inhabit to explain how the man behind Britain’s take-no-prisoners tabloids, who reinvigorated Roger Ailes by backing his vision for Fox News and gave a new swagger to the New York Post and a new style to the Wall Street Journal, survived the scandals.