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Layne Putnam


This week, we're featuring the young and talented Layne Putnam recorded live at the Dahl Arts Center Lein Cultural Cafe in Rapid City on July 19th, 2013. Layne grew up in a family where live music and entertainment were a part of everyday life. Her father, Kenny Putnam, is a professional fiddle player and Grammy nominee. Layne began writing music at an early age, and even though she's only 17 and just finished high school, she's attended a Grammy Camp in Los Angeles and performed at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. Layne plays guitar, bass, piano and different percussion instruments. Her 2013 album Better Than Me features ten new songs about love, loss, and early memories. Layne's band includes Johnny Hastings on guitar, another young singer/songwriter Siri Palm on guitar, keys and vocals, and Layne on guitar and vocals.