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Main Street Square Sculptor Hosts Public Talks

Courtesy Main Street Square Sculpture Project

As work continues on the Passage of Wind and Water project at Rapid City’s Main Street Square, the artist who’s creating the massive sculpture is offering informal talks on his progress.

Masayuki Nagase is approaching completion of his work on the first two granite stones in the Main Street Square sculpture project. 

In an effort to keep the community involved in his work, Nagase is opening his Dahl Arts Center studio to the public.

Yuki Nagase says his goal is to offer as much information as possible about the project and himself.

“So, I have set up all the models of this project…so people can see all the models and my concept with this project,” Nagase explains. “So, that’s a kind of nice occasion for the people who are interested.” 

The artist is also offering informal talks about the sculpture project at Main Street Square.

“We decided…’Okay, probably be good to have some public talk,’says Nagase. “I can be at the site. People can visit and look at the stuff I’m working on…then give any questions, so I can explain things. We can have some interaction.” 

Credit Photo by Jim Kent
Sculptor Masayuki Nagase and his assistant Martin Richert working on The Passage of Wind and Water, at Rapid City's Main Street Square.

Yuki Nagase is pleased with the progress the project is making and is especially satisfied with the work of his assistant, Martin Richert.

“I’m very happy with what he does. He is a young artist with great capabilities. So, I’m very, very happy.” 

The public can meet with Yuki Nagase to discuss his work on Thursdays at the Dahl Arts Center and on Fridays at Main Street Square.