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Sioux Falls Native Performing An Autobiographical Comedy


Sioux Falls native Leslye Orr returns home with a new autobiographical comedy, "What I Thought I Saw: Random Acts of Blindness," on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Belbas Theater at the Washington Pavilion. "What I Thought I Saw: Random Acts of Blindness" is a comedic look at the one-eyed adventures of Orr, and her off-kilter view of life in a 3-D world. Orr, who is legally blind, humorously chronicles the visual challenges she faces, and the inspiring travels and wacky mishaps she has had as a performer and advocate for people with disabilities. She also tells stories of spending her childhood in thick glasses, growing up as one of eight children in Sioux Falls, dealing with high school pranksters in the seventies, learning to do the craziest sound effects, and how she survived taking a big leap of faith as a wannabe performer in Minneapolis.