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"V" - The Gypsy Cowbelle


Living for fourteen years at a remote homestead ranch in Wyoming afforded Miss "V" the first-hand understanding of the western way of life that many read, write and sing about, but few have actually come to know. Her original songs reflect her experiences at the ranch, as well as depicting characters who rode the range before her time. The Gypsy Cowbelle brings her stories to life with her homemade banjo, guitar and rich vocals that create a comfortable campfire ambience on any stage. Her experiences, free spirit, clever lyricism and classic rhythms on the guitar and her homemade banjo, blend together to create her signature "Genuine Cowbilly" music. This Gypsy Cowbelle and her music possess a universal and timeless allure that has charmed fans from coffee houses and campfires to festivals and honkytonks across America for nearly two decades. She's performing at the Prairie Berry Winery on Friday evening and at the Cowboy Back Bar in Bell Fourche on Saturday during the Day of the Cowboy celebration. To learn more about her music, visit her website at www.gypsycowbelle.com.