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Guitarist Lee Ritenour


Guitarist Lee Ritenour joins the program to discuss his career and his upcoming concert. Ritenour performs Friday evening at 8:00 in Sioux Falls at the Historic Orpheum Theater for the final concert of the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society's 2012-2013 concert season. Ritenour started his guitar career early at the age of 16 recording with the '60s pop stars The Mamas & The Papas. By 18, he was backing Lena Horne and Tony Bennett on tour. Beginning in his 20's, he performed on more than 3,000 sessions.

Dubbed "Captain Fingers" for his dexterity on the strings, he launched a successful solo career in 1975 at the age of 23. His career has netted him 17 Grammy nominations, several gold albums, numerous Number 1 spots in guitar polls, and a 1985 Grammy.