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Joe West And The Santa Fe Revue

This week, you'll get to listen to a very special reunion concert of sorts - Joe West and the Santa Fe Revue recorded in the SDPB Martin Busch Studio in Vermillion on September 4th, 2012.

Joe West has been part of the alternative country music scene for years. He's always seemed to be just on the cusp of being quote on quote "discovered" by the public at large, but he's always had a very loyal underground following. In the 1990's his band Joe West & the Sinners were regular performers at the famed Continental Club in Austin, Texas. He played throughout the U.S. and Europe. In the early 2000's he returned to his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico and with his latest band - the Santa Fe Revue - headlined the 2012 UFO Festival in Roswell. Joe West has released 8 albums - one of them is a children's album, and two of them reference South Dakota in the title - South Dakota Hairdo and Aberdeen.