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Writer Adrian Ludens


Adrian Ludens, he’s the author of the new book “Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles.” In this debut collection of dark short fiction, Adrian Ludens has revised nineteen of his favorite previously published stories. A horde of insects invade one unfortunate man's stomach and make it their home, a blind woman guards a cavern full of Civil War-era zombies, and a troubled teen digs up her father's corpse, hoping to get some closure. Visit a macabre secret museum where taxidermy and classic literature combine, discover what a desperate mortuary assistant will do for love, and learn the sympathetic 'true' story of one of the most infamous assassins in the Old West. Adrian Ludens is a member of the Horror Writers Association and lives with his family in the Black Hills. Magazine appearances include Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Morpheus Tales, Big Pulp and Dark Moon Digest. Anthology appearances include Blood Lite III: Aftertaste, Zombie Kong, Slices of Flesh, Blood Rites, and The Mothman Files. For more information visit curioditiesadrianludens.blogspot.com/