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Cinema Falls Founder

Julie Anderson Friesen describes Cinema Falls as a fictional place, created by the imagination but populated by real people. The mission of Cinema Falls is to screen and showcase quality independent and foreign film for audiences looking for cinematic adventure and nourishment. The first priority is to screen films that are not available on demand, downloadable, or on rentable DVD. By actively scouting and screening films currently part of the independent film festival circuit, Cinema Falls presents films that too often bypass the local Sioux Falls movie theaters. Cinema Falls seeks to stand in the gap for an art house and indie theater in Sioux Falls. As "mayor" of Cinema Falls, Julie Anderson Friesen has screened, solicited, programmed and presented more than 60 independent and foreign films for the Sioux Falls area since 2010 - including organizing two premieres for South Dakota filmmakers. Cinema Falls presents “Sleepwalk with Me” starring comedian Mike Birbiglia on October 7th at the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls.