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Rounds worried about inflation

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds discussed inflation, healthcare,said and student loan debt with an Inside Washington audience. Rounds visited Sioux Falls on Thursday.

Rounds said the current inflation rate for the US sits at 8.5 percent for 2022. South Dakota’s is a little bit higher.

“The average inflation in South Dakota is running in excess to 9 percent,” he said it's not good.

“For people with average income, it is devastating," he said. "The average South Dakota family is now paying $759 more in living expenses than what they were in January of 2021.”

That equals out to $9,108 a year.

“Average families cannot do that, and they can’t keep up with that. Those that have money in their savings accounts, they are using that right now.”

Rounds said people feel that pinch every time they fill their car with gas. He says there needs to be a fix to the energy crisis.

Jordyn is a videographer with SDPB.