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New Sioux Falls amateur women's soccer team will play first game in June

Jordyn Henderson
The announcement of a new women's amateur soccer team in Sioux Falls.

A new amateur women’s soccer team, the Sioux Falls City Football Club, will compete in the Women’s Premier Soccer League. 

Sioux Falls City FC is the first WPSL team in the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota has only had men’s amateur soccer teams, including Sioux Falls Thunder FC and Sioux Falls Spitfire. 

The goal of Sioux Falls City FC is to give women the opportunity to play soccer at a higher level and continue developing their skills. 

Cofounder Gabe Nelson believes this team will empower women through soccer.

“We wanted to give young girls a chance to dream. We wanted them to build dreams and have the opportunity to look at those players and go, 'I will be that someday,'" Nelson said. "Our girls didn’t have that, and so we want to provide that opportunity for girls to go to the games and go, 'I can do that someday,' and then actually go do it.”

The first home game is set for 6 p.m. on June 3 at Bob Young Field, the University of Sioux Falls football field.

Sioux Falls City Football Club